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Your Thunder City Sortie is an entire flight experience for which you’ll need to allocate about 3 hours.

You can choose to do one, two or three jet sorties - depending on your adrenalin requirements - and your exhilarating once-in-a-lifetime experience is programmed as follows:

Arrive at Thunder City at 09h30 for a pre-flight tour of our operational hangar where the sheer size of and technical ingenuity of our incredible heavy metal jets blows everyone’s mind.

You’ll be fitted with a flight suit and helmet, and briefed on its oxygen and communication facilities before being taken through to the pilot’s briefing room, to meet your pilot and undergo emergency and ejector seat training.

Together, you and your pilot will plan your sortie – and you can chose from

  • a supersonic climb to 50,000 feet to marvel at the incredible sight of the curvature of the earth;
  • fast flight (pulling ‘g’s’);
  • aerobatics (loops, rolls, barrel rolls, inverted flight, vertical manoeuvres to name but a few);
  • low-level passes over the dramatic Cape coastline; or
  • rolling through the rugged Cape Swartberg mountains.

The English Electric Lightning
You don’t fly the Lightning like a conventional aeroplane – you strap her to your back this is the crème-de-la-crème of ex-combat jet fighters. She’s a beauty, offering the incredible power and ‘g’s’ of the supersonic jet interceptor.

Break the sound barrier and marvel at the smooth and gentle handling of this heavy metal jet as, during your supersonic experience, you join the elite few who’ve seen the curvature of the earth from 50,000 feet.

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The BAe Buccaneer
The last all-British strike jet bomber weighing in at 24 tons, the Buccaneer is a low level strike attack aircraft that was designed to fly extremely fast and extremely low.

Take off from Cape Town International airport and scream out to sea at a speed of close to 650 miles per hour – and just 50 feet above the water: your ‘g’ limits and sortie profile are determined purely by your ability to handle them.

Seated in the jet behind the pilot, you’ll be working with him to maximise your experience - whether it be an extreme adrenaline rush through the rugged Cape Swartland Mountains or a sortie along the dramatic Cape coast.

This is one jet experience you’ll never forget.

The Hawker Hunter

Regarded as the “Spitfire” of the jet age the Hunter is one of the most elegant combat aircraft ever to grace the skies; hence it is a favourite at airshows around the world. The Hunter is the ideal aircraft for extreme sorties or simply fast and gentle trips around the magnificent Cape coastline and its winelands.

If you chose an aggressive aerobatic jet sortie, you’ll pull loops, rolls, barrel rolls, inverted flight, vertical manoeuvres and a host of other mind blowing manoeuvres –and you’ll come out of them hooked on ex-combat jets.
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